Sunday, July 5, 2009


Jump-p consists of a group of musicians, each with 15 years of experience. With the collaboration of ideas and expertise from each member, they have come up with their debut album entitled "Halusinasi" on the 23rd of March, 2006. The production of this debut album was totally the result of all the band members' own contribution, in their studio situated in Gombak, owned by the lead vocalist Oney. With all their hard work and persistence in producing the album, they have created their own history in music making, by having their own music arrangements and mixing, with the band playing all the songs on their own. The lead vocalist is Oney who was a former singer with the bands "Lipan Bara" and "May". The guitarist Joe, was an ex band member of "Double Line" in the late 90's. The bassist, Bad, was a band member of "Scandal", "Handy Black", "G.E.T" , "Strangers" and "e.y.e". The drummer, Lee, was formerly with "AXL,S". The keyboardist, BoyRazak was a member of the band "Headhunters", well-known in the club scene in Borneo. He had also won the title of Best Keyboardist in the Yamaha Asiabeat National Competition 2005/06 in Kuala Lumpur. The members of the band are also sessionists, arrangers and composers for other artistes and groups.

At present, Jump-p is now producing their second album and they hope to launch it by 2009. The new album will be different from their first, and they hope to surprise their fans with their new brand of music. Jump-p wishes to thank their fans for their constant support. They hope to meet their fans very soon at the launch of their new album and at the concerts they have planned in the making. Lastly, Jump-p hopes that their fans will always give their support to our local music industry.


Download Jump-p - Halunisasi

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